Love Affairs in the Far East of Russia

At one point Russia matched the United States as a worldwide force, but then came Gorbochov and we as a whole realize that Russia separated into 18 states. This was also the end of the Russian dream of equality with the United States, as was the case.


Anyway, when Russia was a stone monument site under the socialist principle it was composed and Indians were all around considered. As an aviation based armed forces officer in the Indian Air Force, it was an extraordinary meeting visiting the nation. The best part was the Russian young ladies, brilliant and blonde, who were exceptional organizations.

I once arrived at the Moscow air terminal and a Russian air force helicopter whisked me and 2 of my partners to the Air Force base. It was an amazing greeting and I got a conscious corporal, a Russian young lady. She was thin and smart and I’ll be honest I had obscene reflections on her.

We were informed that we would be “considered” with a trip to the Russian Far East, to the Pacific port of Vladivostok. When I left the room I asked the Russian colonel, all of whom came. He asked if there was anyone I might want to go with me and others. By my sleeve, I cried if the NCO could accompany us. He chuckled and left.

We boarded the supersonic vehicle early in the morning. It was TU 144 and it could fly at Mach 2. It was an opponent of Concorde, but bigger. I looked around and I was shocked to see my methodical with a backpack tossed on my back as well keep on moving in. She waved to me and said thank you for an outing to me.

The trip to the east was great and the young lady sat close to me. She had brought two or three sandwiches of hamburger and meat and we all savored them with hot espresso. On reflection, what a hullaballoo is made at the moment on a hamburger. We arrived at the air terminal, but the Russians were careful with ours entering the cockpit, so we were just sitting when the plane crashed at Mach 2. What a meeting! whew essentially extraordinary!

On handling my systematic evidence to me, she would be with me according to directions. We had two days on-site. I approached her in case we could go cycling. This enchanted her and she masterminded a Ural bike. This is the Russian adaptation of the BMW R7. Two more days before we fly back. We were advised not to leave the base, but I put my exact now in the mufti with me and drove away. She carried her backpack and revealed to me that she had organized sandwiches from the mess. We rushed deep into Siberia and the Bike a 650 cc beast was just incredible. We drove among the wooded areas and little backwoods, and a sprinkle started. The young lady on the back clung to me. In many places, we saw log hovels and we stopped at one of them for downpours to leave. To be quite honest I needed it to rain considerably more intensely. We headed inside and there were only an oven and a small bed.

I became more familiar with the young lady better and for me, these supernatural minutes of downpours were belting endlessly. The inevitable happened and I won’t go into the subtleties of it.

With the sun out we drove back to base, with the cool wind wrapping us. It was a pleasure, but I found a pummel when I came. My AOC was angry. How did he ask can I be able to disrupt a guideline and leave with an NCO? I said I’m sorry, but he revealed to me that he was going to report me. Did he? No, the old fog never documented a report and later in India asked me how was everything?

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